Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our Products: Accelerometers and Sensors

> SNAP Light Duty Industrial Acclerometers S100C

Compact Design Easy to Install Exceptional performance Snap-on, single connector boot.
 > 786 Series General Purpose     Industrial Accelerometers

Built to endure the toughest industrial environments, the 786 Series accelerometers measure vibration for applications requiring multipoint monitoring.
> 793T-3 & 797T-1 Dual Output Vibration Sensors

Multifunctional Piezoelectric Accelerometers with Internal Temperature Sensors. The rugged, general purpose 793T-3 and 797T-1 sensors measure both vibration and temperature, providing multifunctional capability.
> 793 Series Industrial Sensors

"The Benchmark for Sensors in the Vibration Monitoring Industry" Dependable, rugged, and field proven to provide reliable signals for many years. Wilcoxon Research 793 Series Sensors are built to withstand even the harshest industrial environments.
> 740 Series Low-Noise Underwater Accelerometers

Low-Noise Underwater Accelerometer Measures Micro "g" Vibrations
> 799 Series Low Frequency Accelerometers

High Sensitivity accelerometers designed for low frequency walkaround data collection and permanently installed monitoring systems.
> 731A Seismic Accelerometer

The 731A Seismic Accelerometer is Capable of Measuring Ultra Low Vibration Down to the Sub Micro-G Range.

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