Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Automation Control Mechanism

Automation control refers to the system which controls the industrial processes through computers. In other words this system is one step ahead of mechanization. Mechanization requires manual operators for machinery to improve the efficiency of the work. But in the automation control system it is the system itself that manages to facilitate the work and whole process of an industry or organization. It reduces the need of manual help. The requirement of human mind and intellect is less emphasized in the automation control system. With the great advancement in the information technology and computer network the system of automation control has got a shot in the arm. There is a greater emphasis on the automation control in every field of work, be it industry, support system, electricity generation and the likes.

In the global economy of today the system of automation control is playing very important role. The automation engineers create a system combining organization tools with automation devices. This system makes possible a number human activities and applications. But automation control has not become widespread. There are still many jobs that are outside the domain of automation system. Such jobs still need manual expertise. The computers play the main role in automation control. There are various level of computes based on their efficiency. To facilitate automation control the computers are so designed to enable the synchronization between inputs and out puts. It results in a controlled mechanism for any industrial process. Such improved forms of computers are known as programmable logic controllers.

Precisely speaking the automation control employs computer human interface or human machine interface. It helps communicate with programmable logic controllers and some other specialized computers performing different functions in the industrial processes. The stationary engineers or the service personnel control and monitor this human machine interfaces. There is always a grater emphasis on the automation control in developed countries. Earlier its main purpose was to increase the cost effective production in manufacturing industries. Now the since is changes. The main purpose of this system now is to improve the quality of products. Automation is also being increasingly applied to increase the flexibility of the manufacturing processes. But there is black side of the automation system. Though it reduces the chances of human error diminishing the need of manual employment but at the same time greater dependence on it has increased the chances of more serious and grave consequences in the factory system.

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