Monday, November 25, 2013

Energy to keep America moving video

It takes a whole lot of energy to keep America moving, growing and thriving...

It all starts with oil and natural gas. And at the center of America's oil and natural gas industry are the hundreds of thousands of hard-working men and women who work to safely refine, transport and market petroleum products. Every day they bring an unmatched level of skill and professionalism to their vital work. Creating the fuel for nearly 250 million vehicles... aviation fuels for commercial, private and military aircraft. And petrochemical feedstocks for products ranging from medicines and apparel to the fertilizer needed to grow the food we eat. They operate and maintain more than 170,000 miles of secure pipelines and safely transport and deliver petroleum products to businesses and consumers. But vital fuels and other products aren't all the U.S. oil and natural gas industry produces refineries also produce jobs and economic growth. The U.S. refining industry supports approximately 540,000 good-paying American jobs and supports $268 billion of U.S. GDP providing the oil and natural gas that keeps our nation strong, prosperous and on the go.

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