Friday, October 31, 2014

Important Factors to Consider During a Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is conducted to identify if a project is worth pursuing till completion. Feasibility studies are often conducted prior to project commencement; however in some instances, the project managers may decide to conduct parts of feasibility studies parallel after the project has begun due to time constraints.

Organizational and cultural feasibility determines if a project is suited for the existing and future organizational culture. This study will look into finding data on overall impact on organization, employees, structure and motivation. As the all employees should be satisfied with the project work that they get involved in, a new project should not bring unwanted risks to the whole organization.
Even though most modern organizations are moving with the fast changing technology trends, it is not possible to keep track of all of them. Technology feasibility determines if the organization has the necessary resources to complete the project. If not the ways of acquiring that knowledge and resources are investigated within the budget limits.

It is a fact that many projects often fail to meet their initial deadlines. Schedule feasibility evaluates if a company or department can allocate necessary resources for a project for a set period of time. Some of the deadlines will be mission critical such launching a new terminal at an airport or opening a new faculty at a university. In such situations, the schedule feasibility plays a critical role.

Resource feasibility identifies the overall resources required for a project. Some projects such as IT and Engineering design will require a lot of human resources. Manufacturing and production projects will require more physical resources. Based on the needs of the projects, the resources needed, methods of procurement, recruitment, allocated budget the end result may differ.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System to Control Industrial Processes

SCADA typically refers to computer based industrial control system which basically aids to monitor and control facility based industrial processes and infrastructure. Here industrial processes include production, power generation and manufacturing in a repetitive or continuous batch and infrastructure includes treatment of wastewater, water distribution and treatment. Infrastructure processes could be private or public.

SCADA basically works as a centralized controlling and monitoring system for the entire project area or sites. It is practically used in gas refining, power plants, telecommunications, water and waste control systems and transportation. SCADA system includes software and hardware components. This process requires SCADA software installed in a PC where hardware aids to gather and feed data into the computer. Data processing unit of the computer then processes the gathered data of the SCADA system in a timely manner. SCADA also keeps record of all events as a stored file on the PC memory. By buzzing alarms SCADA gives warning of the hazardous condition of processes.

SCADA controls and monitors a process in a loop system. As an example- in an industrial process there is a PLC system to monitor and control discharge, pressure and temperature of steam flow through a pipeline. These parameters bear a significant effect on production. That is why it becomes necessary to control these parameters perfectly to have better production with minimum cost. So the significance of controlling industrial process parameters has become clear to us. Now, the value of discharge, pressure and temperature can be controlled manually by putting required values by an operator. In that case SCADA aids to control the total loop system of the steam flow process. The same thing happens after any chemical plant, and here SCADA plays a great role to overcome the critical situation with pressure and temperature control systems. To produce sulfuric acid, it is necessary to control the temperature and pressure of the process accurately. To do it aptly and easily SCADA loop control system becomes necessary in that production process.

Data acquisition starts at the PLC level with all readings of pressure, temperature and flow status reports which are communicated to SCADA. The system then compiles the data and allows an operator to monitor position to take necessary supervisory decision. The data acquisition system allows an operator to override or adjust PLC controls.

Finally, it can be said that SCADA refers to the wide range of implementation of distributed database. SCADA systems bear significant importance in the field of water supplies, electric grids and pipelines.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Automation Engineering Services

Automation engineering refers to the application of specialized knowledge in the field of automation control. It provides specialized services to the industries to facilitate the smooth functioning of automation control system. Automation engineering measures quality and improves quality of products in the manufacturing sector. It is the automation engineer who is capable of testing the motors of every types and sizes. He can manage both the big integral motors as well as DC motors. Both these types are used in the automation control system. Automation engineers can design and build test system and automated assembly for a number of applications in the industrial automation. These systems are very useful for the automation at cell level. Thus automation engineers are of great help in the field of manufacturing for the purpose of quality testing, computer control as well as productivity.

Engineers specialized in the field of automation control are capable in integrating the test and control hardware with software control to provide a dependable system in the industrial automation. Automation engineering makes factories capable to reach their efficiency and production goals regardless of its structure, size or system. It deals with large complicated assembly systems with various component parts, test requirements and assembly steps or even a small system. In both the cases it meets the requirements of a manufacturing unit. Automotive component testing one of the branches of automation engineering can deal with each application. It has the precise techniques and equipments to meet the demand of an industry. Under the automation engineering a tester is so designed to stand to all the required tests with accuracy and in a fixed cycle time.

In automation engineering industrial grade hardware and computers are used for testing which are efficient enough in measuring with fast data acquisitions and high precision. It thus reduces the testing time that goes in cycle. The software and control engineers in the automation engineering are highly qualified. They acquire expertise in programming languages, development platforms and different operating system platforms. They adhere to the safety guidelines while developing custom control system through concepts and documentation. Thus the automation engineering discipline has made possible the implementation of a variety of automation control and testing skills. It has helped built various building equipments for customers in various different industries.

Mechanical engineering team of automation engineering makes it sure the system of a manufacturing unit has the tools necessary to utilize fully the capabilities of the test system. Precision components and durable designs are the characteristic features of all automation engineering system.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Voters Agree it’s Time to Choose Energy

Energy issues are top of mind with voters this election and they are listening closely to what the candidates have to say. And with good reason, voters agree that increased oil and natural gas production is helping to lower household costs while creating a stronger economy.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fire and Explosion Caused by Human Error and Equipment Failure

I’ve spent much of my 40+ year career in the petroleum and chemical industries. One might say I’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to accidents. Unfortunately, I’ve have firsthand experience with the loss of good friends and coworkers due to what I call the human factor.

The human factor is at work every second of every day in every type of business and personal setting. It’s when hard working, good people get careless while performing routine everyday tasks. For whatever reason, a procedure intended to protect personnel is intentionally bypassed or carelessly forgotten and in most instances it involves only one or two steps being bypassed or forgotten that allows all of the stars to line up, and then tragedy strikes without warning which in most cases lead to serious injury and sometimes death.

I’ve spent much of my career using technology to create iron clad solutions that overcome human error and equipment failure in hazardous types of operations found in every day businesses that we are all familiar with. One such business is the loading of fuel onto large tanker trucks that take fuel to the local gas station that all of us pump into our cars. One such iron clad solution developed by Frontline Environmental addresses the more than 1500 spills that happen every day throughout the United States in truck, marine and aviation fuel loading facilities. The GuardDog™ is a patented technology designed to overcome human error and equipment failure during the loading of fuel at high transfer rates of more than 10 gallons per second. In “real-time” GuardDog™ continuously monitors the fuel delivery equipment to determine if it is performing properly or not. If not, the GuardDog™ will take a preemptive action to prevent the spill accident within 750 milliseconds. The Department of Defense and the USAF determined GuardDog™ to be 100% effective in eliminating spills over a 12 month period during a case study and real world test conducted at Travis Air Force Base. Due to its success Travis AFB has since standardized on GuardDog™ and is protected 24/7 365 days a year from spills.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Guide to Finding the Right Engineering Company

If you have been trying to seek out a really good engineering company for a very long time already then it is clear that there are quite a few things you should go out of your way to take into careful consideration before you make the choice to hire any one company in particular, and the reason to do all of this is so that the company you eventually end up hiring for the project is going to be a company that will be the best of what you can afford. It can take time to find the right engineering consultants out there but at the same time it is always a good idea to take as much time as you feel you may need, since you really want to be able to say that the engineers you ended up hiring were the ones that were best for the job. Along the way it could be really helpful if you spent a bit of additional time trying to find out more about engineering companies in general, so that you would immediately know what to expect if you were offered any good deals in the future.

Remember that it is likely you will find a lot of different engineering companies out there, so at the end of the day a big part of what makes a good deal lies in being able to choose a proper company that can offer you a very high standard of service but that at the same time is going to be able to get you what you want for a lower price. This is important because depending on the size of your project and how much work needs to be done, you may end up spending a very large amount of money on engineering services, and this cost can go a long way towards ending your budget. It would therefore make sense to go out of your way to compare offers and try to see if there is any possible way that you would be able to get a special offer for services of this sort, which are certainly in very high demand in this day and age.

The very best way to make it easier for you to find a really good engineering company would be to go online and do a bit of your own research on the topic, with the intentions of learning as much as you can about engineers and what services they offer to people like yourself. This will help you a lot because you will then be able to make a selection based on a good understanding of what engineering is all about, and this can help you to make a good deal and save some money.

As you can see, it is clear that there are a great deal of things to keep in mind when you are out there on the hunt for a really good engineering company to assist you with your new project in the future.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Importance Of Engineering Services and Disciplines

Our complex world continues to prosper. It continues to grow and change. The world as we know it and enjoy it is the way it is in part from engineers and the services they provide for us to enjoy. When we cross bridges, flush a toilet, run a lawn mower or enjoy the convenience of driving our car thank an engineer. The branches of engineering run far and wide. The many concentrations and extensions of engineering services allow us to enjoy the benefits we do in society.

Civil engineering is of utmost importance to allow for society to blend growth, functionality and natural environments. The designs, construction and maintenance civil engineers provide allow us to use the land without exploiting it. Within civil engineering there are several sub-disciplines. Each brings a unique twist to the discipline and helps transform the environment.

Geotechnical engineering explores the use of raw materials coming from the Earth and how using the resources will affect the environment as well as the project on a whole. As the name implies they are mainly concerned with the geological resources within a civil engineering project site. They explore, extract and process the raw substances and give analysis and recommendations based on the information collected. For instance when doing land surveys they often perform a soil analysis. If the soil analysis were to find substances within the soil that could be hazardous if leaked into a water supply a project may be moved to another plot of land.

Structural engineering is a division of civil engineering that handles issues that arise with the structures support. They ensure that a structure is stable for the environment that is built. In California buildings are built structurally sound to prevent major disasters during earthquakes. Structural engineering services also provide for buildings to support incredible winds, weather related events and different architectural engineering.

Transportation engineering ensures the safety of people and goods as they are transported via roadways, waterways, rail systems and through the air too. This includes things we take for granted such as stop lights and the way they are timed out. Engineering services provide for us to enjoy traveling safely without too much congestion and without running into one another. They also provide railway safety and air safety to allow for safe travel and design programs to allow for tracking.

Environmental engineering applies to improving, maintaining and protection of the environment we are building in and around. The services they provide are designed around the ecosystem. They apply sanitary engineering, hydraulic engineering and municipal engineering. Working together these engineering services help protect our surroundings and allow the environment and society to design a co-habitat for all the living and non living resources in it.

Civil engineering services are just one of the many that allow our society to function as it does. Engineers design, implement, maintain and provide the analysis to keep us safe and moving forward. Engineering services allow for the function of everyday life and provides solutions for the hiccups that arise.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Key Components Behind Robotics and Automation

When you think of "robot," what do you envision? Does your robot walk upright like "C3PO" or roll like "R2D2?" Does your robot have a rigid mechanical face or an expressionistic soft face? Does it pick up objects or does it function as a robotic vacuum? Perhaps your intelligent system works in the medical field or in robotic welding. Since there are a number of different uses for robotics and automation, it's reasonable to assume there are many, many robot design options. To begin thinking about how these complex machines move, we need to look to physics, science, math and engineering.

One of the primary components used in robotic automation is the actuator, which converts stored energy into movement. Most actuators are electric motors (brushed and brushless DC motors, to be exact), although chemical and compressed air actuators exist as well. Stepper motors rotate in easy-to-control motions, commanded by a controller rather than a sensor. Piezo or Ultrasonic motors use rapidly vibrating piezo-ceramic elements, which ultimately cause motion. Air muscles work with compressed air, behaving similarly to human muscles which contract and expand. Elastic nanotubes are in experimental stages right now but appear promising, holding high levels of stored energy.

Locomotion is a key component of robotics and automation. Some prototypes roll on one to four wheels. For instance, NASA's "Robonaut" and "Urbie," Carnegie Mellon University's "Ballbot," not to mention characters like George Lucas's "R2D2" and The Jetson's "Rosie," all roll around. However, several robots like Honda's "ASIMO," can walk. The Anybot "Dexter Robot" can jump and MIT Leg Laboratory has developed complex robots that can trot, run, pace and bound. Even still, some robots, like those used in the military, are best suited for flight. Snaking motion robots have been used to save construction workers who were buried in a wreck. Essex University devised robotic fish for research purposes too. There is a place for every type of locomotion in industrial robotics.

For some, human interaction is the end-all and be-all of robotics and automation. At Disney World, the "Imagineers" developed singing, blinking, winking, emotional robots that almost seem like real people. Researchers say that the future of robots is the ability to communicate with humans through facial expressions, speech and gestures, rather than simply on predictable programmed responses. Kismet can create a range of facial expressions, which can help people interact more meaningfully with their companion bots.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Energy 101: Concentrating Solar Power

From towers to dishes to linear mirrors to troughs, concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies reflect and collect solar heat to generate electricity. A single CSP plant can generate enough power for about 90,000 homes. This video explains what CSP is, how it works, and how systems like parabolic troughs produce renewable power.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Automation Control Mechanism

Automation control refers to the system which controls the industrial processes through computers. In other words this system is one step ahead of mechanization. Mechanization requires manual operators for machinery to improve the efficiency of the work. But in the automation control system it is the system itself that manages to facilitate the work and whole process of an industry or organization. It reduces the need of manual help. The requirement of human mind and intellect is less emphasized in the automation control system. With the great advancement in the information technology and computer network the system of automation control has got a shot in the arm. There is a greater emphasis on the automation control in every field of work, be it industry, support system, electricity generation and the likes.

In the global economy of today the system of automation control is playing very important role. The automation engineers create a system combining organization tools with automation devices. This system makes possible a number human activities and applications. But automation control has not become widespread. There are still many jobs that are outside the domain of automation system. Such jobs still need manual expertise. The computers play the main role in automation control. There are various level of computes based on their efficiency. To facilitate automation control the computers are so designed to enable the synchronization between inputs and out puts. It results in a controlled mechanism for any industrial process. Such improved forms of computers are known as programmable logic controllers.

Precisely speaking the automation control employs computer human interface or human machine interface. It helps communicate with programmable logic controllers and some other specialized computers performing different functions in the industrial processes. The stationary engineers or the service personnel control and monitor this human machine interfaces. There is always a grater emphasis on the automation control in developed countries. Earlier its main purpose was to increase the cost effective production in manufacturing industries. Now the since is changes. The main purpose of this system now is to improve the quality of products. Automation is also being increasingly applied to increase the flexibility of the manufacturing processes. But there is black side of the automation system. Though it reduces the chances of human error diminishing the need of manual employment but at the same time greater dependence on it has increased the chances of more serious and grave consequences in the factory system.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our Products: Accelerometers and Sensors

> SNAP Light Duty Industrial Acclerometers S100C

Compact Design Easy to Install Exceptional performance Snap-on, single connector boot.
 > 786 Series General Purpose     Industrial Accelerometers

Built to endure the toughest industrial environments, the 786 Series accelerometers measure vibration for applications requiring multipoint monitoring.
> 793T-3 & 797T-1 Dual Output Vibration Sensors

Multifunctional Piezoelectric Accelerometers with Internal Temperature Sensors. The rugged, general purpose 793T-3 and 797T-1 sensors measure both vibration and temperature, providing multifunctional capability.
> 793 Series Industrial Sensors

"The Benchmark for Sensors in the Vibration Monitoring Industry" Dependable, rugged, and field proven to provide reliable signals for many years. Wilcoxon Research 793 Series Sensors are built to withstand even the harshest industrial environments.
> 740 Series Low-Noise Underwater Accelerometers

Low-Noise Underwater Accelerometer Measures Micro "g" Vibrations
> 799 Series Low Frequency Accelerometers

High Sensitivity accelerometers designed for low frequency walkaround data collection and permanently installed monitoring systems.
> 731A Seismic Accelerometer

The 731A Seismic Accelerometer is Capable of Measuring Ultra Low Vibration Down to the Sub Micro-G Range.