Sunday, August 31, 2014

Energy 101: Cool Roofs

This edition of Energy 101 takes a look at how switching to a cool roof can save you money and benefit the environment.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Information on the History of Engineering

Engineering has existed in many forms for much longer than many people would expect. Even some of the most basic inventions required a certain amount of skill and intelligent design techniques. For example a seemingly simple invention such as the wheel needed a talented engineer to come up with the initial concept.

Some of the very first engineering projects were simply based on trial and error. Imaginative and creative individuals with good technical skills would try and design and put things together, making some truly brilliant inventions.

Imhotep was possibly the first recognised engineer who built the Step Pyramid in Egypt. He was a fairly powerful and influential individual who came up with the initial concept for the pyramid and then made the construction a reality around 2550 bc.

Engineering was taken from 'Engineer' which was first coined in the 1320's. At this time in history, Engineering was closely linked to the creation of various military devices and machines.

Engineering took a slightly different turn when people started learned how to design and create basic building structures. Buildings and other structures started to become more functional and complex thanks to the birth of civil engineering.

Electrical engineering started to emerge when William Gerbert began to be recognised for his work. He did a great deal of research and writing on Electricity and made a significant impact on the initiation of electrical engineering.

Engineering actually became a respected job and influential form of work in the 18th century when it started to form strong links with science and maths.

Many believe that the early stages of modern engineering started in the Scientific revolution. During this stage in history, people started to realise that they could design objects, machines and devices that were able to replace the need for physical human exertion. For example, Thomas Savery designed and built the very first steam engine in the late 1690's. The steam engine provided a form of transport that could cope with a large amount of cargo and products which kick started the birth of mass production.

The rise of the industrial revolution demanded new materials and ways of manufacturing chemicals. Chemical engineering was coined around this time because they were required to think of innovative ways to make products from raw materials and apply this to mass production. They also started to be bale to take an existing material and adapt it to be used for a different purpose.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Commitment to our Customers

Frontline Environmental are automation and control systems specialists with heavy "hands on" experience. Our emphasis is providing the customer with a single source for engineering and services related to automation, control systems, and communication technologies. Our commitment to the customer has been the cornerstone of our success. We consistently provide a broad range of clients with reliable services designed to bring in projects on time and on budget. We supply on-going technical support and instrumentation components and equipment required to maintain customer's facilities in the day to day operation. Our commitment means that we provide 24 hour emergency response service 365 days a year.

Periodically, we offer a free technical training workshop to our customers. The workshops are held at our office in Benicia, California. We provide one or more technical personnel from an equipment manufacturer and an environment for a concentrated education on a particular product or system. We have found that the workshops are well received, and provide a forum for both social and technical exchange.

As a further commitment to our customers, we offer 24 hour "Emergency Response"services 365 days a year, and routinely travel throughout the continental US, Alaska and Hawaii. Our field engineering experience and technical trouble-shooting expertise saves our customers valuable time and money by evaluating and eliminating improperly designed or tuned control schemes which can be the primary source of nuisance interruptions in the production or facility process operation.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Energy 101: Solar PV

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can generate clean, cost-effective power anywhere the sun shines. This video shows how a PV panel converts the energy of the sun into renewable electricity to power homes and businesses.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Energy 101: Wind Turbines

See how wind turbines generate clean electricity from the power of the wind. Highlighted are the various parts and mechanisms of a modern wind turbine.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

GuardDog™ Stops Fuel and Chemical Spills In Their Tracks

Independent Secondary Shutoff Control System® - Spill Prevention Technology

With the environment, life safety and product security in mind, we developed the proprietary patented GuardDog to continuously monitor from 1 to 2 sets of Overfill Detection and Static Ground units, from 1 to 8 individual product meter pulses, up to two vapor recovery hose pressure transducers, and from 1 to 8 individual preset pump commands per unit.

Under normal conditions the GuardDog is silent, until its predictive intelligence predicts valve failure within 750 msec of a wet probe event. Upon the predicted valve failure, it immediately leaps into action to shutdown pumps, close storage tank base valves and lock out the loading operation. It alerts management personnel of the problem and provides an opportunity for investigation. The GuardDog gives management control by not allowing loading to continue or resume until management determines that it is safe to load again by initiating a keyed system reset switch.

Not only does the GuardDog stop potential spills in their tracks, but it also sniffs out potential leaks, prevents over pressurization of cargo tank and attempted sabotage and product theft. It prevents catastrophic events while maximizing performance and minimizing false positives. The GuardDog gives management significant improvement in facility safety, security and control.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

What Should Be Your Focus While Outsourcing Your Electrical Engineering Process?

Outsourcing of electrical engineering processes is picking up by the day as a majority of western firms are waking up to its benefits. However, to make this practice successful, you should be very clear about what exactly you want to achieve through this exercise. A clear focus not only assists you in deriving the desired results from outsourcing, but also enables you to run your business smoothly.

Outsourcing of electrical engineering processes can give you the desired results only if you focus on value creation rather than mere cost-effectiveness. This is because electrical engineering outsourcing is not all about cost optimization, rather it is about accessing the best talent at a reasonable price. Electrical engineering processes, in particular, call for highly qualified human resources that can understand your requirements. Besides, these processes generate huge amount of critical data and intellectual property. So, if only cost saving is on your mind, it is better not to outsource at all. This is because vendors promising the cheapest services can neither fulfill your requirements and nor can they safeguard your intellectual property.

So, to make your outsourced electrical engineering process successful, your focus should be on:

  • Creating value rather than hiring the cheapest resources: Services and products related to electrical engineering thrive on the value they add to the end customer's experience. So, whatever you offer should be the best in terms of quality and usability. You cannot achieve optimum quality unless the real people working on your outsourced process are the best human resources available. Therefore, while outsourcing your process, your focus should be on accessing the best talent in the world. These resources can create value for your products and services. If you maintain this focus while outsourcing your process, you can get outstanding results that will ultimately enhance your overall business.
  • Collaborating with the real people working on your process: Another fact that you should not lose focus of while outsourcing an electrical engineering process is that your direct involvement with the real people working on it is absolutely necessary. This is because these are high-end jobs and even a slight error can cost you millions. So, while outsourcing these processes, make sure that your vendor provides direct access to the engineers working on your process. Not only this, the service provider should expedite this mutual collaboration by providing advanced communication devices like videoconferencing, internet, web camera etc.
  • Securing your critical data: All engineering processes involve processing of critical data which in turn generate an enormous amount of intellectual property. To make your outsourcing experience successful, make sure that you keep your focus on securing your critical data and intellectual property. The vendor should assist in every possible way to do so. Ask the vendor to apply customized data security provisions for your electrical engineering process. In case of any security breach, the vendor should share the losses with you.

If you are able to keep your focus on these critical issues while outsourcing your electrical engineering process, nothing can prevent you from achieving the desired results.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Power Distribution and Its Key Factors

Power distribution involves the procedure of moving electricity from one location to different locations. Electricity is distributed through electric grids which are quite difficult to maintain. According to studies, the existing distribution infrastructure is insufficient to meet the growing demands of the requirement in different parts of the world. Uninterrupted electricity is indispensable in various fields which include hospitals, public utility centers, military bases, industries, schools and homes.

Factors in Power Distribution

Power distribution begins in an industry where electricity is generated with the use of a turbine with steam, wind or water. When electricity is generated, it is transported to a transformer substation to step up the voltage. It is then allowed to travel through high voltage transmission lines. The transmission lines are then connected to other substations. The voltage is then stepped down so that it is safe for both household and industrial usage. Electric lines are transferred from various substations to homes, industries, factories, offices and many other places.

The electrical grids are specifically designed to supply electricity to different areas. The grids are closely connected to one another to meet the demands of consumers. Power is routed to a place where it is required from the place where it is less used. Balancing the distribution is quite a challenging task. The main aim of power distribution units is to provide a constant and uninterrupted supply to various consumers without the possibility of overloading the entire system.

In the case of individual grids, the supply and demand of electricity can be monitored easily and adjustments can be made accordingly at different levels. Today there are computerized systems which make the adjustments on the grids. Any type of issue with the grid can cause ripple effects on the entire grid. This can cause shortage of electricity.

A standard service drop is offered to customers when they are connected to the grid. Household and domestic lines are offered a lower standard service drop compared to industries and factories which require higher level of electricity.

Use of Distribution Units

Power distribution units are installed to meet the growing demands of consumers. These units are mainly categorized into three types which include the basic unit, the switched unit and the metered unit. The basic units supply incessant electricity to networking units so that it can function continuously. The switched units are quite similar to the basic units but it can reboot automatically. Manual reboot is not necessary in these systems. It can also be switched off manually so as to route electricity to areas where it is in greater demand.

The metered units are also quite similar to the basic units but the consumption amount can be metered with the help of these units. It has additional features which include providing information about the capacity of the unit and its power requirements.

These units are available in different varieties and its purchase also depends on various factors. These electric units enable uninterrupted supply of electricity and also a perfect balance between demand and supply of electricity.

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