Thursday, May 29, 2014

Automation Systems Are the Center of Manufacturing

When you hear or see the words "automation systems" you can think of a lot of different types of systems. You could visualize home automation systems, application automation systems, or any other of a bunch of systems. The type of automation systems about which we are thinking is the one that keeps your manufacturing running the way that it should. Just like any of those other systems that you might have thought of when you saw the title of this article, this automation system has a computer that sits in the middle of several other devices. This central computer is usually called a controller, probably because it controls all the other parts of the system that are connected to it. This controller has everything going for it in the way of power and speed. It is always built on a very rugged foundation so that it can handle the rugged environment in which it may be required to operate. It can operate in extreme temperatures without interruption.

The controller can be configured using the end-user requirements as a guide. The processor, which is the heart of the controller, has a clock rate that is extremely fast. All this means is the speed at which instructions are read and executed by the processor are blindingly fast. The faster the clock rate of the processor that is in the controller the more instructions the controller can send and receive from automation devices at a very high rate of speed. The processor has an operating system running in it at all times. The processor and the operating system support one or more programming languages, with which programs are written to control and give instruction to the automation. The processor is where the programs are executed that are used to instruct the other automation devices of the system. Programs that the processor can execute will be able to perform math calculations and conditional and Boolean logic. The controller will create an event log that acts as a chronological historical record of all occurrences that happen while the controller is running. This is invaluable when troubleshooting system problems.

Maintaining control of the automation environment is the main function of the controller. It will send and receive information from the system to determine how it should make decisions about controlling the system. The controller has the optional ability to have multiple local control and remote control points for communicating with automation devices. There are usually several counters, math variables, logic variables, and timers to assist in the direction of automation devices while they do the work.

All the automation devices that work in the manufacturing environment to make products are connected to the controller by wireless or high-speed cabling. You can see why the processor has to be fast, if it is to give instructions to devices in advance of when they are required to accomplish automation tasks. One of the devices to which thee controller is connected is a monitor or display. This device will be able to display measured values, error codes from the system, calculated values, the statuses from other devices that are connected to the system, and system configuration settings.

Usually all the devices that are connected to the controller via a serial or TCP connection. Sometimes this main computer not only acts as a controller for automation, but it also has the role of the server for an intranet system in the business. This means the computer will be running automation-controlling software while also running ERP software, accounting applications and other business applications. This can make it easy for the business management software to be made aware of the production rates, inventory levels due to manufacturing, and accounting information that is necessary to run the business. The controller is also asked to monitor data from analog sources like temperatures and tank pressures. The system has the ability to interface with outside systems for data exchange. The ease of transmission of data in and out of the company system and to and from outside sources come from the standardization of protocols that have been established. Data is readily exchanged with resource planning software, equipment effectiveness software, and supply chain management software.

The system that requires a controller for keeping its processing optimized in manufacturing is much more than a personal computer. It is the middle of a very powerful system that has the ability to control the most important part of a manufacturing operation. The automation it controls is what is required to keep the business viable.

John Mitchell is President of Provision, Inc, an online publisher of information about the application of automation in business. Mitchell has years of experience in the management of manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation. The company website,, assists companies in the evaluation of the benefits and capabilities of production automation. Thoughts on how to select the most effective automation for your business are presented. Insights into the use of vision systems, RFID and other topics in automation are covered. Requests for quotations and questions about automation can be submitted to the consulting engineers of leading automation companies.
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Small Manufacturers Ask "Why Automate?"

You may be a small manufacturer that has been in business for several years. Long enough to have established a very steady group of clients. Your customers have been purchasing your products for a period of time and they know they can depend on you to deliver on time. You are not one of those companies out there that just do not wish to change the old traditional ways of producing products. You want to know "Why automate?" You are interested in maximizing the returns on investment that have been made in your operations. In this statement you may have answered the question of why automate. With the cost of raw materials growing as it has been for years, it is almost necessary for your company to keep production growing to maintain the same level of profits over any given period of time.

There are some other reasons for why automate. More than likely you are one of those manufacturers that knows the importance of being diligent in the face of global competition. Just to stay in business these days you need to strive to be an effective contributor of products to an ever-demanding market place. Manufacturing automation can offer you the ability to accomplish this. As the connection of your production to the market is shortened, you need to have the ability to respond to any changes that are required in the market place. Some products are targeted toward niches. But even so the market in those narrow areas can make shifts in product requirements much more quickly they used to. Being able to follow the requirements shift is an effective characteristic that manufacturing automation can give you. Being able to meet the needs of a new niche market can be more easily accomplished with flexible manufacturing automation, thus giving you profitability that would not be there otherwise.

One of the clearly identifiable characteristics that occurs in most markets today is the pressure of new technology to change the way products are created and distributed. As a member company contributing to the production that meets the demands of customers, you should be aware of the need to capitalize to attain the latest advances in manufacturing. Technology is presenting more economical and efficient ways to meet the demands of any market. To not follow the road to up-to-date production devices could be a deathblow for some manufacturers. That same pressure in the market can help push your company to a competitive edge, even with the dynamic shifts in any market.

In your part of the production world you are probably aware of changes that your competitors may be involved in to keep and grow their share of the market. Just having the knowledge of what competition might be doing to take part of your share of the market should be a great incentive for you. Manufacturing automation can help give you the ability to thwart any aggression that a competitor would have in commandeering your part of the market. Developing optimum production processes should allow you to manage your current market share and also to increase your share. It should also assist in the development of new product lines. These can be more readily presented to the market place because of the your optimized production.

Any company that is meeting the demands of its market place by customizing automation to make manufacturing more efficient is doing so because of customer requirements. This is really the only reason for doing such a thing and it can be the one for why automate. After all you are only in business to meet the needs of the market when the market demands for you to do it. Having the speed and accuracy to give customers the products that they want in the form that they want when they want them is your whole reason for being. Any manufacturer will tell you that building extra capacity with manufacturing automation is only done as a response to the requirements of the market place. Delivering those products in a timely fashion is the second half of the answer to the needs of the market. As the response to demands of the market are required to be shorter and shorter, it is imperative that manufacturers have flexible and immediate response in order to stay in business. Pressures in the market place will only continue to grow requiring the responses to be even shorter still to the demands. The only way these responses can be met by manufacturers is to utilize the latest tools available in the form of automation.

You can gave leverage for the future when you meet the demands of the market today by employing the latest automation to do it. You will discover that if you have automation in place when new demands are made on your products like changes in format or size you will be able to meet those changes demands more readily. Automation yields a great amount of flexibility for adjustment to manufacturing configuration. Being able to tweak an existing device to perform a new task is much easier than implementing an entirely new manual process to accomplish a change in production.

Manufacturing automation continues to improve your abilities even after it has made its initial improvements to your production that is why you automate.

John Mitchell is President of Provision, Inc, an online publisher of information about the application of automation in business. Mitchell has years of experience in the management of manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation. The company website,, assists companies in the evaluation of the benefits and capabilities of production automation. Thoughts on how to select the most effective automation for your business are presented. Insights into the use of vision systems, RFID and other topics in automation are covered. Requests for quotations and questions about automation can be submitted to the consulting engineers of leading automation companies.
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Products: Valdor Fiber Optics

Fiber Termination
SMA Multimode Connector

• Epoxyless connector ideal for fiber bundle applications
• For glass/glass, glass/plastic, and all plastic fibers
• Superior Performance in high temperature environments
• Ideal for high energy laser delivery applications
• Ideal for fluorescent applications, eliminates "UV" noise
• Radiation resistant
• Eliminates gap between fiber tip and connector
• Miniaturization capability
• Epoxyless miniature lens mounting capability
• Standard and custom-designed connectors readily available
• Single connector handles a range of fiber sizes
• Field installable for quick repair and maintenance
ST & SC Multimode Connectors

• Minimum Preparation
• Fast Installation
• Simple Auto Cleaving
• Quick Polishing

Monday, May 19, 2014

Products: Patriot Sensors & Controls Corporation

Pressure Transducers:

PSCC manufactures high performance pressure transducers with the highest accuracy and reliability; build to last. Combining pressure design expertise with innovative signal conditioning electronics, PSCC offers the most advanced pressure transducers in the industry.
Position Transducers:

PSCC acquired the Rayelco line of position sensors to offer the most advanced cable extension position transducers in the industry.


PSCC's accelerometers are the reliable choice for your next application.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Fire and Explosion Caused by Human Error and Equipment Failure

I’ve spent much of my 40+ year career in the petroleum and chemical industries. One might say I’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to accidents. Unfortunately, I’ve have firsthand experience with the loss of good friends and coworkers due to what I call the human factor.

The human factor is at work every second of every day in every type of business and personal setting. It’s when hard working, good people get careless while performing routine everyday tasks. For whatever reason, a procedure intended to protect personnel is intentionally bypassed or carelessly forgotten and in most instances it involves only one or two steps being bypassed or forgotten that allows all of the stars to line up, and then tragedy strikes without warning which in most cases lead to serious injury and sometimes death.

I’ve spent much of my career using technology to create iron clad solutions that overcome human error and equipment failure in hazardous types of operations found in every day businesses that we are all familiar with. One such business is the loading of fuel onto large tanker trucks that take fuel to the local gas station that all of us pump into our cars. One such iron clad solution developed by Frontline Environmental addresses the more than 1500 spills that happen every day throughout the United States in truck, marine and aviation fuel loading facilities. The GuardDog™ is a patented technology designed to overcome human error and equipment failure during the loading of fuel at high transfer rates of more than 10 gallons per second. In “real-time” GuardDog™ continuously monitors the fuel delivery equipment to determine if it is performing properly or not. If not, the GuardDog™ will take a preemptive action to prevent the spill accident within 750 milliseconds. The Department of Defense and the USAF determined GuardDog™ to be 100% effective in eliminating spills over a 12 month period during a case study and real world test conducted at Travis Air Force Base. Due to its success Travis AFB has since standardized on GuardDog™ and is protected 24/7 365 days a year from spills.

For more on GuardDog™ and other bullet proof solutions that protect life, the environment and assets give me a call at 707-331-3503. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Automation Control Mechanism

Automation control refers to the system which controls the industrial processes through computers. In other words this system is one step ahead of mechanization. Mechanization requires manual operators for machinery to improve the efficiency of the work. But in the automation control system it is the system itself that manages to facilitate the work and whole process of an industry or organization. It reduces the need of manual help. The requirement of human mind and intellect is less emphasized in the automation control system. With the great advancement in the information technology and computer network the system of automation control has got a shot in the arm. There is a greater emphasis on the automation control in every field of work, be it industry, support system, electricity generation and the likes.

In the global economy of today the system of automation control is playing very important role. The automation engineers create a system combining organization tools with automation devices. This system makes possible a number human activities and applications. But automation control has not become widespread. There are still many jobs that are outside the domain of automation system. Such jobs still need manual expertise. The computers play the main role in automation control. There are various level of computes based on their efficiency. To facilitate automation control the computers are so designed to enable the synchronization between inputs and out puts. It results in a controlled mechanism for any industrial process. Such improved forms of computers are known as programmable logic controllers.

Precisely speaking the automation control employs computer human interface or human machine interface. It helps communicate with programmable logic controllers and some other specialized computers performing different functions in the industrial processes. The stationary engineers or the service personnel control and monitor this human machine interfaces. There is always a grater emphasis on the automation control in developed countries. Earlier its main purpose was to increase the cost effective production in manufacturing industries. Now the since is changes. The main purpose of this system now is to improve the quality of products. Automation is also being increasingly applied to increase the flexibility of the manufacturing processes. But there is black side of the automation system. Though it reduces the chances of human error diminishing the need of manual employment but at the same time greater dependence on it has increased the chances of more serious and grave consequences in the factory system.

Advanced Automation Associates, one of the leading automation control [] service provider in USA. It provides HMI design [] and industrial automation.
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Benefits of Engineering Consulting

The preliminary requirement for conceptualizing or building anything is engineering; and it is an established fact that its consulting is way better than interacting with an individual.

Consulting services offers several benefits:

A consulting firm will engage a group of experts who bring their experience into your project. They are goal oriented and take into account important scientific and economic factors. They understand the project and related problems and come up with intelligent cost-effective options to benefit the parent party.

The best part of consulting against working with an individual is that many minds come together, debate, deliberate and construct a viable solution. This may not be possible while working with a single engineer. After all a consulting team will constitute, not just engineers, but technologists, business analysts and other domain experts.

Obviously when a team of experts from related fields, work together under a mechanical engineering consultant, the collaborative effort along with the several important and complex factors that eventually contribute to the success of the project are taken into account.

The basic concept of consulting is to help businesses meet their design and construction needs. The requirement may range from building a completely new structure replete with heating, air-conditioning and electrical fittings or renovating an existing building to suit client requirement.

Consultants offer a range of services in building science and engineering that include land assessment, building plans, landscaping, inspect and repair existing structures and more. Firms make use of quality software such as CAD and the like to create mechanical assemblies based on assessments.

Advanced engineering consulting includes:Analysis, diagnosis, designs and operation of mechanical systems; expertise in fracture of manufacturing materials; mechanics as well as the dynamics of fluid flow; and thermodynamics.

Basically a modern mechanical engineering consultant works on everything from transportation, food production, building, energy generation to electronic devices. They improve clients' business processes by providing quality solutions.

Every consulting firm must take the following steps to popularize their service:

• Carry out an extensive market research to identify potential business.

• Define services so that prospective clients get a basic understanding of the services

• Have a website that clearly highlights consulting services

Advanced engineering consulting:

Accomplished consultants provide quality, safe and cost-effective consulting services. They have the capability to create digital representations of mechanical drawing layers so that the client can actually see the shape the firm intends to give the project. Services include: 2D drafting, parametric modeling, assembly modeling, production drawings, bill of materials etc.

Mechanical engineering services include: design and drafting; manufacture design; safe load tables; load testing; forensic and failure analysis; Gantry cranes design and verification; car platforms and hoists; Non destructive testing; mechanical drafting; simulation; 3D rendering; vibration and fatigue analysis; hydraulic cylinders, vehicle hoists and platforms among other things.

The consultants are expected to adhere to strict quality standards that include:

Identification of hazards; risk management; safety equipment for working at heights; construction of safe work platforms; man boxes, cages; manual handling aids and more.

Suzzane Miller is a qualified article writer, blogger and researcher with years of experience in primary as well as secondary research on mechanical engineering & consulting services.
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Automation Engineering Services

Automation engineering refers to the application of specialized knowledge in the field of automation control. It provides specialized services to the industries to facilitate the smooth functioning of automation control system. Automation engineering measures quality and improves quality of products in the manufacturing sector. It is the automation engineer who is capable of testing the motors of every types and sizes. He can manage both the big integral motors as well as DC motors. Both these types are used in the automation control system. Automation engineers can design and build test system and automated assembly for a number of applications in the industrial automation. These systems are very useful for the automation at cell level. Thus automation engineers are of great help in the field of manufacturing for the purpose of quality testing, computer control as well as productivity.

Engineers specialized in the field of automation control are capable in integrating the test and control hardware with software control to provide a dependable system in the industrial automation. Automation engineering makes factories capable to reach their efficiency and production goals regardless of its structure, size or system. It deals with large complicated assembly systems with various component parts, test requirements and assembly steps or even a small system. In both the cases it meets the requirements of a manufacturing unit. Automotive component testing one of the branches of automation engineering can deal with each application. It has the precise techniques and equipments to meet the demand of an industry. Under the automation engineering a tester is so designed to stand to all the required tests with accuracy and in a fixed cycle time.

In automation engineering industrial grade hardware and computers are used for testing which are efficient enough in measuring with fast data acquisitions and high precision. It thus reduces the testing time that goes in cycle. The software and control engineers in the automation engineering are highly qualified. They acquire expertise in programming languages, development platforms and different operating system platforms. They adhere to the safety guidelines while developing custom control system through concepts and documentation. Thus the automation engineering discipline has made possible the implementation of a variety of automation control and testing skills. It has helped built various building equipments for customers in various different industries.

Mechanical engineering team of automation engineering makes it sure the system of a manufacturing unit has the tools necessary to utilize fully the capabilities of the test system. Precision components and durable designs are the characteristic features of all automation engineering system.

Advanced Automation Associates, one of the leading automation control [] service provider in USA. It provides HMI design [] and industrial automation.
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Monday, May 5, 2014

GuardDog™ Stops Fuel and Chemical Spills In Their Tracks

Independent Secondary Shutoff Control System® - Spill Prevention Technology

With the environment, life safety and product security in mind, we developed the proprietary patented GuardDog to continuously monitor from 1 to 2 sets of Overfill Detection and Static Ground units, from 1 to 8 individual product meter pulses, up to two vapor recovery hose pressure transducers, and from 1 to 8 individual preset pump commands per unit.

Under normal conditions the GuardDog is silent, until its predictive intelligence predicts valve failure within 750 msec of a wet probe event.  Upon the predicted valve failure, it immediately leaps into action to shutdown pumps, close storage tank base valves and lock out the loading operation. It alerts management personnel of the problem and provides an opportunity for investigation. The GuardDog gives management control by not allowing loading to continue or resume until management determines that it is safe to load again by initiating a keyed system reset switch.

Not only does the GuardDog stop potential spills in their tracks, but it also sniffs out potential leaks, prevents over pressurization of cargo tank and attempted sabotage and product theft.  It prevents catastrophic events while maximizing performance and minimizing false positives.  The GuardDog gives management significant improvement in facility safety, security and control.

See more about this product at

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Choose The Right Calibration Services For Maintaining The Performance Of Gadgets

The intense increase in the use of various electronic gadgets has simplified the way of life of people. There are so many tasks which are performed with the help of various gadgets. This has greatly reduced the manual efforts and incorporated an element of modernization. Various gadgets have found application in different households, industries and factories. The use of various modern devices has made it possible for individuals and establishments to get several benefits. However, it is extremely important for people to ensure that the gadgets they use are at par with certain standards. A gadget which is performing below a standard is not considered to be very suitable.

One very important thing which gadget users should keep in mind is about calibration. There are a number of experts who provide these services. Calibration services are basically the methods of evaluating and adjusting the values of a gadget for its precision and accuracy. Such a thing is done by comparing the gadget with another gadget which has an accurate and unvarying standard. These services are capable of checking, determining and correcting all the gadgets that use quantitative measurements. Many individuals and establishments rely greatly on these services. The method of calibration cannot accept any kind of faulty and shortcut processes. These services include validation, repair, preventive maintenance and electronic asset management.

Many laboratories, hospitals, measuring device manufacturers, aviation and testing industries, engineering institutions and processing plants undergo calibration. In order to ease the process, calibration instruments can be used. The use of these instruments brings a number of benefits. It can greatly benefit the manufacturers and consumers. Manufacturers can greatly increase their level of productivity, get a smooth flow of work and reduces wastage. The consumers will get the advantage of using high quality products. The business organization as a whole tends to become very credible by using these instruments. wastage Their brand becomes popular throughout and is promoted positively. The instruments should definitely be calibrated in these establishments so that the standards are maintained and the progress of the establishment is ensured.

Organizations should make all possible efforts to avail these services from a reliable source. If a reliable and expert service provider is approached for carrying out the process of calibration, the establishments can get several benefits. These service providers use sophisticated instruments for the process. They are capable of giving the accurate results. Proper actions can then be taken by the establishment. These services can be adopted at extremely reasonable costs. There is no need to spend huge sums of money in getting the instruments calibrated. The reliable services would ensure cost effectiveness to the establishments. It proves very profitable for the organization, individuals and households to a great extent.

Author define the calibration services usage for better maintenance of gadgets Performance, has years of experience in testing and measuring tools. Through this article he shares some valuable information on calibration instruments among all reader here.
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