Monday, May 13, 2013

Cathodic Protection - A Necessity to Safeguard Metal

As most tanks including underground storage tanks are made of metal, they usually face the problem of corrosion. This tends to act as a barrier in operations and functioning. Hence, it is vital to pay attention to their maintenance and upkeep at regular intervals.

Cathodic protection methods and techniques prove very beneficial for underground tanks. It gets the metal to work as an electrochemical cell. This helps in prevention of major cracking of steel or metal pipelines and tanks. These methods get the metal to an immunity stage by reducing its possible level of corrosion.

Storage tank, pipes, steel piers and other metal tanks must need regular inspection. The protection techniques conducted on a regular basis assure that storage tanks are suitable for operations. Since such storage tanks are heavy duty they do tend to ware off if not maintained.

As these pipes or tanks, especially when they are located underground, come in contact with the soil and other particles, they are affected and are corroded. Cathodic protection is a procedure to safeguard such tanks from corrosion.

While undergoing such procedures, it is essential that the staff undertaking it have profound knowledge in this field and is honest and sincere to their work. Even the slightest error can cause trouble in the future.

This method of tank protection and maintenance is far more reasonable and if companies can undergo such protection programs on a regular basis, they can surely look forward to better performing and longer lasting underground tank. So do not let the problem prevail, but look to solve it at the earliest.

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