Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Products: Valdor Products

A Quick, Effective Approach for Fiber Termination  

SMA Multimode Connector 
  • Epoxyless connector ideal for fiber bundle applications
  • For glass/glass, glass/plastic, and all plastic fibers 
  • Superior Performance in high temperature environments 
  • Ideal for high energy laser delivery applications 
  • Ideal for fluorescent applications, eliminates "UV" noise 
  • Radiation resistant 
  • Eliminates gap between fiber tip and connector 
  • Miniaturization capability 
  • Epoxyless miniature lens mounting capability 
  • Standard and custom-designed connectors readily available 
  • Single connector handles a range of fiber sizes 
  • Field installable for quick repair and maintenance 

ST & SC Multimode Connectors 
  • Minimum Preparation 
  • Fast Installation 
  • Simple Auto Cleaving 
  • Quick Polishing 

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