Sunday, February 17, 2013

GuardDog™ Stops Fuel and Chemical Spills In Their Tracks

Independent Secondary Shutoff Control System® - Spill Prevention Technology
With the environment, life safety and product security in mind, we developed the proprietary patented GuardDog to continuously monitor from 1 to 2 sets of Overfill Detection and Static Ground units, from 1 to 8 individual product meter pulses, up to two vapor recovery hose pressure transducers, and from 1 to 8 individual preset pump commands per unit.

Under normal conditions the GuardDog is silent, until its predictive intelligence predicts valve failure within 750 msec of a wet probe event.  Upon the predicted valve failure, it immediately leaps into action to shutdown pumps, close storage tank base valves and lock out the loading operation. It alerts management personnel of the problem and provides an opportunity for investigation. The GuardDog gives management control by not allowing loading to continue or resume until management determines that it is safe to load again by initiating a keyed system reset switch.

Not only does the GuardDog stop potential spills in their tracks, but it also sniffs out potential leaks, prevents over pressurization of cargo tank and attempted sabotage and product theft.  It prevents catastrophic events while maximizing performance and minimizing false positives.  The GuardDog gives management significant improvement in facility safety, security and control.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Commitment to our Customers

Frontline Environmental Technologies Group, Inc. is automation and control systems specialists with heavy hands-on experience. Our emphasis is providing the customer with a single source for engineering and services related to automation, control systems, and communication technologies. Our commitment to the customer has been the cornerstone of our success.

We consistently provide a broad range of clients with reliable services designed to bring in projects on time and on budget. We supply on-going technical support and instrumentation components and equipment required to maintain customer's facilities in the day to day operation. Our commitment means that we provide 24 hour emergency response service 365 days a year.

Periodically, we offer a free technical training workshop to our customers. The workshops are held at our office in Benicia, California. We provide one or more technical personnel from an equipment manufacturer and an environment for a concentrated education on a particular product or system. We have found that the workshops are well received, and provide a forum for both social and technical exchange.

As a further commitment to our customers, we offer 24-hour Emergency Response services 365 days a year, and routinely travel throughout the continental US, Alaska and Hawaii. Our field engineering experience and technical trouble-shooting expertise saves our customers valuable time and money by evaluating and eliminating improperly designed or tuned control schemes which can be the primary source of nuisance interruptions in the production or facility process operation.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Expert and Efficient Staff Gets The Job Done

Frontline Environmental Technologies Group Inc., is comprised of seasoned engineers provide services ranging from phase one feasibility studies and conceptual design, to complete "State of the Art" complex systems using "Fail-Safe" control schemes and techniques. Our company's design philosophy is based on a simple principle: "Begin with the end in mind". The result is designs with an open architecture for both hardware and software.

Our designers create drawings in AutoCAD Release 13 software, produced in layers in both color and the standard black and white. This approach provides an extremely reliable system, with detailed documents and drawings that make it easy for the technician to read, resulting in less down time and greater profitability. Our designs furnish the customer's engineer with a platform for expansion and migration, and the ability to reduce future costs for engineering and system modifications.

Frontline's project managers provide the control and coordination over project schedules, budgets and safety with the ability to head off potential problems before they occur. We are a licensed C10 - Electrical Contractor providing complete "Turn Key" design build installation services for both electrical power and automation control systems. We provide third party inspections using NEC, ISA, ANSI, API and IEEE standards as well as those of our customers.

As system integrators, we use Wonderware, Intellution, Visual Basic and other prominent makers of development software for SCADA or MMI packages. We incorporate a trueInformation Systems approach with open architecture for growth, tight control of site and system-wide management, alarming, trending, energy management, and data manipulation through MS ACCESS.

Combining software and cutting edge, off the shelf hardware packages, i.e. Allen Bradley, Siemens, Square D, GE Fanuc Program Logic Controllers and Distributive Control Systems is our standard for maximizing value for the customer.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome To Our Brand New Blog

Thank you for stopping by. We've just started this blog and intend to put up interesting and engaging content from a variety of sources surrounding the field of environmental engineering and other services. We hope you stop by again soon.